The proud gardener

The proud gardener

I’m exited these days. Nicolai Brix is having a competition on his blog,, about portrait photography.  The rules: Use two or even more off camera flashes in lighting the portrait. Or as he say: “Strobist style”. I’m participating with this portrait of my good friend Lars. The story is that The European Environment Agency hired Lars to be the gardener on the vertical garden on the facade of the building. So I asked Lars to stand in front of the building looking very proud. “No problem!”, he said.

The proud gardener setup

The setup was very classic: One speedlite in a umbrella from my left and a bare flash to create some edge on Lars from my right. Recently I posted this photo from the same scene….

The last date for participating with a photo was June 1. I’m still waiting for the result checking Nicolais site every day.

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