Let them play

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Yesterday I spend a whole day with my friend Lars (behind to the left) who is a gardener. I convinced him that we should do a portrait of him in the center of Copenhagen. He agreed but before we knew it these guys came over and insisted to play along.

If you are a photographer like I am (and since you read this you probably are) you must be familiar with all this: You’re out in the public with a camera and some loud and drunk guys join you and insist on being photographed, whether you want to or not. There are two ways to deal with this:
1. Be polite and tell them that you are doing something important and wish to be left alone.
2. Smile and let them play along. They are not going to leave before you have taken their picture. Spend the 8 seconds on pointing the camera at them and shoot two or three frames.
Guess which one is the correct…..Yes, nr. two: Result: They will scream happily, give you a hug and continue to the next bar. Now you can proceed with your work.

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4 svar til Let them play

  1. Jimmie Sears siger:

    http://www.k-foto.dk‘s done it once more! Superb post!

  2. Flemming siger:

    Yep, det er super godt! Det arrangerede foto der ender med noget super spontant, med liv og god energi og en smule forvirring hos hunden! 😀

  3. Flemming siger:


    Synes det er vildt godt og er helt pjattet med hunden der deltager på lige “fod” med alle andre på billedet.

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