Pimp and Pocket Wizards

The other day my friend Dorthe and I went to the park with our cameras. The topic was portrait photography with off camera flash.

We found a place and tried to remember what we had learned: Measure the ambient light and then add some flash. And then another flash. It was a lot of fun and we were pretty satisfied with ourselves. Dorthe’s 5DmrkII is a dream to handle. I’m use to the older 5D and, which I love, but everything seem’s better on the new one.

I brought my Pocket Wizards, two light stands, an umbrella and some other stuff. ‘Strobist style’ is the term 🙂 I tried the working distance from sender to receiver and ended up somewhere near 100 feet/30 meter! See the photo on the left. On the right is a speedlite in an umbrella and there’s also a small bare speedlite on a stand in the center of the photo. 

Dorthe did some portraits of me on a large boulder. Seeing the photo on the right makes me think that I look like a pusher or bad-ass pimp doing a The Little Mermaid thing….leather jacket and parachute pants, damn!

We have to do this again, Dorthe! Do you hear me?

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2 svar til Pimp and Pocket Wizards

  1. Flemming siger:

    Herligt at lege med lys, specielt når det så går så godt som her, rigtig godt lys Dorthe har fået lagt.

    Mr. Bad ass pimp *LOL* 😀

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