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Ready – action!

I did these portraits last summer. This executive was new in a Human Resource dep.  and had a lot of new things to learn about the company while introducing just as many ideas of his own. So with this photo … Læs resten

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Let them play

Yesterday I spend a whole day with my friend Lars (behind to the left) who is a gardener. I convinced him that we should do a portrait of him in the center of Copenhagen. He agreed but before we knew … Læs resten

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Which one is better?

This is a scene from the Copenhagen Carnival. When realizing that they suddenly had an audience they just kept on kicking, jumping, spinning until they were completely exhausted. I can’t decide how to crop this photo. The first one is … Læs resten

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CPH Carnival and salsa dancing

Once again it’s time for Copenhagen Carnival. I’m mostly there because of all the salsa dancing. And I know a lot of the dancers. This is just a short post to show this photo of a couple that I enjoyed … Læs resten

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Pimp and Pocket Wizards

The other day my friend Dorthe and I went to the park with our cameras. The topic was portrait photography with off camera flash. We found a place and tried to remember what we had learned: Measure the ambient light … Læs resten

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New 'oldies'

Brought back two rolls of scanned 120 film just now. One colour positive and one colour negative. Knowing how bad the scanned results normally are from negative colour slides I’ve now decided to stick to the positives. I guess printed … Læs resten

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More cloning….

I find this cloning-thing fun. So here’s one more. I had some extra shoes, a cap, a sweatshirt and a jacket with me to make some variation. The park is a popular place for runners and a few of them … Læs resten

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